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Created 30-May-11
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I was excited to go up to DC and take pictures of a bunch of motorcycles on Sunday. Or so I thought early Sunday as I jumped in the car headed for the Metro. It turned out to be so much more. I was extremely fortunate to meet Mr. Mark Erickson of the Rolling Thunder Chapter 3 in NOVA on the metro and the assistance he gave me was invaluable and helped me to realize just what this event is about. He is a part of the Color Guard that presented the colors at the opening ceremony and told me to stop by their tent but to go to Arlington Cementery first. After Arlington, I made my way to the tent and he introduced me to the members of the club. Saying, "This is Bob, he was in the Navy, but he's a good guy anyway", he made me feel a part of and I started to get the sense of comraderie that these men and women feel with our fallen and missing and wounded heros. He introduced me to Bert, the videographer and he let me tag along with him all day. I could write for hours, but I will just say that the pride, the patriotism and the fellowship was overwhleming. Oh yeah...there were alot of motorcycles there too.