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Created 6-Jul-12
Modified 5-Sep-22
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I grabbed my gear and headed down to Brown's Island Tuesday for my first real foray into a fireworks show. I thought I would get there early and and take some shots of the folks enjoying Tredegar Beach. As luck would have it, I met Andrew Trongone of the Trongone Band. Our paths have crossed in the past, his brother actually purchased a photo I took at the 2011 Shamrock the Block Festival Hopefully we will be getting together soon to shoot more photos.
Later it was off to the walkway into the James so I could set up the camera. Took some ropeswing photos and some landscapes while I was waiting for dark. However, I did learn at least one lesson when it comes to fireworks... Get as close as you can then back up about a mile or so. These turned out alright but a "larger" perspective would have been interesting also.