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Trying New Methods and Vantage Points at the River

Taking Photos at the RiverWent back to the river Saturday to try out my new watertight case and my new from Craigslist tube. Both performed great. The tube allowed me to carry the case over the water to a vantage point I hadn't been able to get to and the case protected my camera equipment even when there was water in the bottom of the tube. This will help me out alot when I go to the Peanut, Pine and Pork Festival next month in Surry.

Even the tube got plenty of use when I decided to head back to shore. The two most common phrases I heard were "Can you take my picture?" and "Can I/we/my kids/my wife use your tube?"

It turned out to be a great day! My equipment worked great , continued to meet some really great folks and got some pretty good shots!

June 9/10 2012 trip to the river
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