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I traveled out 360 to Heathsville Friday night to capture the images from Sussex Central versus Northumberland. Once again Sussex Central dominated their opponent. Fortunately, I went straight down there after work so I was able to explore a little. I found a neat little boat landing that I am gping to have to be here for sunrise and/or sunset. The trip back, as some of my Facebook (hint, hint) friends can atest was really interesting. It was dark, foggy and Dave Brubeck was playing Take Five while it seemed like I was the only car on the road. And the trip to the Waffle House went I got back to Richmond...what else can you say....

Sussex Central vs Colonial Beach
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Guestbook for Sussex Central at Northumberland 9-21-2012
Gary R. Curley(non-registered)
Nice photography , I'm the father of #5 darian curley hope to meet you at a game.I do little shooting my self
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