JANET H WEIGAND(non-registered)
Hey Bob, i kust found out after kmowing you all these years that you are a photographer. You were referred to me by Donna Roberts amd Nicole Gilliam. I am getting married late summer/ early fall and need a photographer for engagement and wedding pictures. Just checking to see August and September Saturday dates you have available?
Please post the STAB vs. st. catherine's soccer game pictures that were taken on May 9th. Thanks!
Linda Knight(non-registered)
I found a picture you took on 10/23/2014 of my grandson.He was playing football for THE Prince Georges Team.I am hoping that you would still have this photo in your archives.If you do I will pay you for any and all copies.The one that I am very fond of is the only one that I have.Would it be possible to get a poster size of any of your photos?
donna valdrighi(non-registered)
Angela Mitchell(non-registered)
Great Photographs!
Danielle Harris-Grimes(non-registered)
The best action phktos I have seen in a long time. How do I go about puchasing some?
Stephen Brown(non-registered)
Definitely doing a needed service to the Richmond community. Especially for the officials! Keep up the good work, Bob. Thank you.
LaQuita Barlow(non-registered)
I absolutely love how you capture the true essence of the games. Each photo is truly stolen moments in time. Please continue to share your passion and love for your craft with us!
Olivia Maust
I look at your website after every game of mine. I love these pictures! I am very interested in purchasing a few.
Please go to a james river girl's soccer match for pictures! it would be much appreciated
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